Real-time firewall policy visibility and analysis.

With network infrastructures secured by thousands of firewall policies: reactive, inefficient security policies can open your network up to risk, and it can be almost impossible to keep track of what each policy is doing.


Conexsys offers Policy Management products that provide continuous, real-time visibility and analysis into existing network security policies and underlying IT risks.

  • Single, detailed view of every security device on the network helps identify gaps and redundancies in firewall policy.
  • Analyze firewall configurations to identify hidden, shadowed or overly-permissive rules.
  • Identify redundant and out-of-date policies.
  • Improve security management, lower cost of operations, and reduce exposure to risk.
  • Validate policies against regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS 3.0.
  • Automate policy change workflow and scope the impact of proposed changes.


Conexsys offers Policy Management from industry-leading Firemon.  Product provisioning includes supply and installation, plus appropriate training of your staff. These products may also be integrated into our end-to-end Network and Security Solutions.


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