Full visibility into network data

The larger a network grows, the harder it becomes to monitor: blind spots can easily compromise network quality. Traditional monitoring methods, such as port mirroring, can be costly and add layers of complexity. And some monitoring solutions negatively impact network availability. With networks growing faster than ever, organizations need a high-performance, scalable monitoring solution.


Conexsys offers products to monitor the traffic between two points on your network - otherwise known as tapping your network.


  • Provide 100% visibility to link traffic for greater security and network monitoring tools.
  • Use a non-obtrusive, non-detectable way to monitor network activity that doesn’t impact network availability.
  • Eliminate high costs and potential blind spots associated with adding SPAN ports, and save valuable rack real estate with high-density solution
  • Access the data flowing across your network, while monitoring its activity.
  • Commonly used for network intrusion detection systems, VoIP recording, network probing, RMON probes, and packet sniffers.


Conexsys offers network tap products from industry-leading Ixia. Product provisioning includes supply and installation, plus appropriate training for your staff. Network taps can also be integrated into our end-to-end Network and Security Solutions.


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