Centrally managed and automated application whitelisting.

Managing whitelisting of applications can be a significant undertaking, especially with the prevalence of applications and threats found in today’s enterprise networks. The Conexsys Application Monitoring and Control products allow security teams to establish automated software execution controls and protection policies that safeguard corporate and customer data.

  • Works with existing software distribution systems and reputation services to automate approval of trusted software and require only low-touch whitelisting activities.
  • Lock down endpoints and systems: stops all file-based and next-gen attacks, protecting laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, public and private cloud infrastructures, and virtual data centers.
  • Prevent unwanted change: allow only approved software to run, blocking everything else; automate software approvals, and control use of USB devices.
  • Achieve continuous compliance: satisfy mandates for regulatory frameworks such as PCI DSS, FERC, NERC and
  • PHIPA, with continuous and centralized recording for real-time visibility.
  • Consolidate security agents
  • Integrate & automate with 40+ SIEM, network firewall, threat analytics, and orchestration solutions.


Conexsys provides Application Monitoring and Control products from Carbon Black.  Application Monitoring product provisioning includes supply and installation, plus appropriate training of your staff. These products may also be integrated into our end-to-end Security Solutions.


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