Stop data loss and theft, demonstrate compliance, and safeguard your brand, reputation and intellectual property.

Tracking, protecting and containing sensitive data within corporate borders can be challenging, especially in rapidly changing IT environments.  Conexsys offers Data Loss Prevention products to help discover, monitor and secure data at rest, in motion, and in use to prevent exfiltration:

  • Discover and protect data in the Cloud or on-premise.
  • Continue to allow users to access data, but secure it in the ways it is shared: in apps, on websites, and via email.
  • Quickly deploy easy-to-use security controls to meet compliance and regulatory obligations.
  • Monitor accidental and intentional misuse of corporate data, and proactively identify high-risk users.
  • Educate employees on appropriate data handling activities.
  • Track activity and store information for IT incident investigators.


Conexsys offers Data Loss Prevention products from industry-leading Forcepoint. Product provisioning includes supply and installation, plus appropriate training for your staff. Products are also integrated into our Data Loss Protection services.


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