Network visibility & continuous monitoring.

To respond to the growing sophistication and number of security threats, organizations must thoroughly analyze security breaches, threats and other events in order to gain a more comprehensive view of the security of their infrastructure.


Conexsys Attack Analytics products continuously monitor the current state and effectiveness of your security device infrastructure:

  • Real-time, uninterrupted visibility into current security device enforcement including logging of all configuration changes and recording all audit log details.
  • Allows network and security management to not only retain control and better adjust defences, but also respond quickly when faced with business requests.
  • Improves ability to enforce security policies across the enterprise, and maintain true situational awareness of network defences.
  • The ability to do “what if’s” in the model and test the impact of all changes prior to implementation to ensure that they do not create additional IT risks, reducing time and increasing efficiency while fully documenting all changes for compliance purposes.


Conexsys offers Attack Analytics products from Firemon. Product provisioning includes supply and installation, plus appropriate training of your staff. Attack Analytics products may also be integrated into our end-to-end Security Solutions.


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