Full-spectrum prevention, advanced attack analytics in an easy to deploy and manage solution.

Traditional antivirus solutions just aren’t enough:  from ransomware to malware-less attacks, endpoints are facing more security risks than ever before. Conexsys next generation antivirus solutions use a combination of endpoint and cloud-based technologies to stop more attacks, see more threats, and close more security gaps than any other lightweight NGAV product.


Conexsys offers the Carbon Black Defense NGAV, one of the most powerful next generation antivirus solutions:

  • Full-spectrum prevention: prevents attacks that evade traditional endpoint security, including malware and malware-less attacks.
  • Lightweight and non-disruptive: sensor installs in less than a minute, consumes less than one percent of CPU, disk and network, and can be completely managed from the cloud.
  • Advanced attack analytics: unprecedented visibility and actionable intelligence provides for pre- and post-attack analysis.
  • Simple to manage: works from anywhere, providing continuous endpoint monitoring & protection.


Our NGAV product provisioning includes supply and installation, plus appropriate training of your staff. NGAV products may also be integrated into our end-to-end Security Solutions.


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