Encompass Cloud

Cloud-based, managed cybersecurity platform for large & mid-sized enterprises.

To protect enterprise networks today, many organizations use SSL or TLS to encrypt traffic. But threats can be hidden in SSL and TLS traffic, which means it, too, must be thoroughly inspected. With the extra processing power needed to decrypt and encrypt SSL traffic, this has the potential to degrade network performance.

A10 Networks and Check Point Software Technologies have collaborated to create a solution that allows you to effectively prevent the most advanced malicious attacks hidden in the widest range of SSL encrypted traffic, without compromising performance. The A10 Networks Thunder application delivery controller decrypts SSL traffic and sends it to the Check Point Next Generation Firewall for inspection and analysis - then encrypts the traffic again and forwards it to its destination. A10's SSL Insight technology helps you utilize 100% of Check Point gateways' capacity to protect network traffic without needing to perform computationally-intensive SSL decryption and decryption processes.

With this collaborative solution, you get all the functionality of both the Check Point Next Generation Firewall as well as the A10 Networks Thunder Application Delivery Controller, plus:

  • Near parity network performance, with full inspection of encrypted traffic.
  • Ability to control which sessions to bypass, for instance trusted sites such as banking or healthcare.
  • High availability and scaling capabilities with load balancing for your Check Point NG Firewalls, including routing around failed devices.
  • Ability to offload and inspect inbound SSL traffic, offloading SSL processing from servers.


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The Challenge

While the Cloud can give you the ability and efficiency to instantly roll out new services and expand your infrastructure, it also opens up new security issues; including malicious bot traffic, DDoS attacks, malware and thousands of known and zero-day vulnerabilities.


The Solution

Powered by ZENEDGE, Encompass Cloud offers enterprise-class BOT detection, Web Application Firewall (WAF) & DDoS mitigation capabilities.  Taking as little as 24 hours to deploy, and requiring no installation or hardware , Encompass Cloud is completely customizable and essentially creates a cybersecurity perimeter around an organization’s own perimeter - all web traffic flows through Encompass Cloud prior to going into the organization.  Of particular value to Canadian organizations is that data resides within Canada, and is monitored 24x7 by top cybersecurity experts.


Key Benefits

  • Monthly subscription fits enterprise security requirements as well as budgets, eliminating extra expense of traditional hardware appliance-based security.
  • Globally distributed POPs and Anycast network ensure minimal latency and no compromise on performance.
  • Provides complete reliability and availability: based on large, global infrastructure serving a variety of industries, with 24x7 monitoring by top cybersecurity experts.



Product Information

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