Whether for your network operations or security measures, Conexsys offers a complete suite of maintenance and support services, to ensure that your network consistently operates at peak efficiently, with optimum security.


Need support for your security or network? If you are a Conexsys support customer, you may access your support through the Customer Portal, or via TAC support.



TAC Support

As an existing customer, you will have either a standard hardware support and software maintenance program, or an Elite Service program. Before calling in for service, we recommend you confirm your program coverage as outlined in your support contract.


To Obtain Service:

  • Identify your program by reviewing your support documentation: it will be a variation of Standard Support or Elite Services.
  • Email our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at helpdesk@conexsys.net or call the special TAC telephone hotline provided with your support documentation.



For more information:

Review our TAC Support Guide.

Review our IT Security Solutions and IT Support Services datasheets.

Request a Quotation.

Contact us at info@conexsys.net or speak to a representative.