Best-in-class DDoS protection and mitigation.

With more business conducted through websites and web applications, most organizations are vulnerable to advanced DDoS attacks each day.  Cyber criminals use globally distributed and highly scalable resources to attack and breach enterprises:  for organizations with perimeter only solutions, this can make them extremely vulnerable.  What’s needed is a globally scalable and distributed solution that will offer fast, simple and effective protection, with the ability to scale up to block the largest and most advanced attacks.


Conexsys provides a Co-Managed DDoS solution that leverages our Encompass Cloud solution, which provides a simple and effective solution to protect and mitigate the threat of DDoS attacks.  Powered by Zenedge, Encompass Cloud is completely customizable and creates a cybersecurity perimeter around your own perimeter:  all web traffic flows through the Encompass Cloud prior to going into the network.


Key Benefits:

  • 24x7 security operation center means your network is constantly protected.
  • Advanced Layer 7 DDoS mitigation ensures that legitimate web application users can access your web applications while malicious traffic is stopped and diverted. Users can continue with business as usual, with no service degradation.
  • Globally distributed infrastructure can handle even the largest volume attacks, and keeps networks safe from Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks.
  • Reduces workload on internal staff, allowing IT resources to deliver strategic benefits rather than repetitive services.


We use a unique approach to co-managed services that gives you the expertise and support you need.


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