Complete IDS/IPS that doesn’t tax your IT staff.

Every enterprise network needs intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), which together protect the network from external threats and monitor for unauthorized activities within the network.  The challenge for most organizations is that IDS/IPS is resource heavy: they require considerable security expertise to define and implement, and need ongoing maintenance, management and monitoring. Without the proper resources, it becomes difficult to keep the rule base current, identify credible alerts to investigate and thoroughly correlate events to critical threats.


Conexsys offers a comprehensive three-phase IDS/IPS service to ensure your network is properly protected, consisting of service customization; deployment; and monitoring, alerting and reporting.


Key Benefits:

  • Top-quality IDS/IPS is achievable, while being more cost-effective than typical managed services.
  • Reduces workload on internal staff, allowing IT resources to deliver strategic benefits rather than repetitive services.
  • Other than daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly health checks; extra charges are only incurred when you have an emergency.
  • All information is kept in-house on your network, protecting your network integrity.


We use a unique approach to co-managed services that gives you the expertise and support you need.


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