Comprehensive protection for e-commerce and web applications.

For many organizations web applications and e-commerce sites are critical to the business – but are also extremely vulnerable because of the information they contain.  With a cyber threat landscape that is constantly evolving, it can be challenging for IT teams to maintain appropriate security, while keeping up on increasingly sophisticated attacks.


The Conexsys Co-Managed Web Application Firewall Service gives you all the protection you need, as well as the peace of mind that comes with having a team of highly skilled cybersecurity experts at your back. We leverage the best security solutions and products to give you:

  • Deployment and constant tuning of your WAF to ensure optimum operation and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Continuous monitoring for threats and system health, with periodic log reviews as required.
  • Optional tuning for planned changes to protected applications.
  • Easy access to logs and comprehensive reports, including information needed for compliance reporting.
  • Reduced workload on internal staff, allowing IT resources to deliver strategic benefits rather than repetitive services.


We use a unique approach to co-managed services that gives you the expertise and support you need.


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