Proactively avoiding the worst-case scenario.

Most organizations are unaware of the cost and risks associated with being hit with a cyberattack.  Instances over the past few years have demonstrated the cost, yet most companies are still unprepared for the loss of productivity, the possible loss of customers as well as the risk to their industry.  To properly protect against worst-case scenarios, organizations need to answer the following questions:

  • How does our organization comply with our applicable standards, such as CoBIT, ISO17799, and internal standards?
  • What network architecture will give our Internet presence maximum functionality and security?
  • Are the procedures and policies we have in place sufficient to conform to industry best practices? What should be in these documents?
  • How effectively can we detect and respond to suspicious activity?


Conexsys consultants assist our customers by helping them prepare for the worst case scenario, using a set of proprietary and standard techniques and processes, including:

  • Asset discovery to identify critical components that are most attractive to cyberattack.
  • Review of existing Security Policies, against typical best practices.
  • Vulnerability scan of the network.
  • Penetration test.
  • Attack simulation.
  • Attack consequences.
  • Network back-up planning.


Upon completion of our information gathering, scans and analysis, we provide a full report on findings and recommendations for improving security and mitigating risk.



  • Provides a clear understanding of potential risks and the damage they could do to the organization.
  • Fully documents existing safeguards and identifies where security must be improved, including recommendations on specific security measures to be implemented.
  • Provides proper testing prior to changes within the network, recommending how the changes should be implemented to minimize disruption and ensure security continuity.


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