Ensure all technologies fit your needs – and plans.

When networks were simpler and security not as challenging, organizations were content with deploying the latest technologies to enable them to do business.  Today’s network has become extremely complex, and security today is a moving target.  This has pushed most organizations to deploy a range of different technologies and management tools not only according to plan, but also in response to specific challenges or cyberattacks.  More often than not, these tools are pieced together from open source or vendor-provided solutions, with no consideration for employees or the processes involved.


This has led to many organizations having solutions and technologies that compete, overlap, or are completely duplicated – while having inadequate coverage for actual needs.


The Conexsys Tools Based Rationalization consulting service helps you to rationalize what each technology provides, helping realize cost-savings and a more synchronized environment built on tools that fit your process.  Our consulting engagement includes:

  • Asset inventory discovery.
  • Asset inventory reporting.
  • Asset use case analysis.
  • Asset life cycle report.
  • Recommendation for either consolidating or updating.


Key Benefits:

  • Complete inventory of technology and software.
  • Identification of the relationship between platform lifecycles and strategic plans.
  • Ability to identify and eliminate duplication or overlap in assets, which also helps reduce licensing and support costs.
  • Ability to evaluate competing technologies based on integration with platform lifecycles and strategic plans, as well as technology capability and ROI.
  • Reduce the effort involved in delivering IT projects by standardizing tools.


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