Bi-annual or annual penetration testing services.

For organizations who would prefer penetration testing less frequently than that offered in our Quarterly Penetration Testing service, we offer bi-annual or annual penetration testing.


In this service, we thoroughly evaluate your environment, assessing data transmission channels, management processes and storage components; uncovering both vulnerabilities as well as sound practices.


Levels to which systems are scanned and findings prioritized is customized based on your specific goals.  Conexsys experts track the current organizational risk and progress that has been made in reducing these risks.


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  • Helps prevent financial loss – and reputation loss - through fraud or exposure from hackers, extortionists and disgruntled employees.
  • Helps you create proactive remedial and mitigation roadmaps, to avoid network penetration as much as possible - or minimize the impact if it does happen.
  • Ensures network security remains strong, while your staff focuses on key core business operations.
  • Keeps business systems and processes running without disruption.
  • Provides the due diligence and compliance you need for industry regulators, customers and shareholders.


We combine industry-leading products with our proven 5-step Project Methodology to assess your environment, and design and implement a solution that meets your unique needs, then back it up with comprehensive support services.


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