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Implementing security measures to meet governmental and regulatory compliance requirements isn’t enough to secure valuable business assets.  Strategic business decisions must also consider the risk tolerance associated with cyberattacks, both external and internal.


But to make intelligent decisions about balancing security and compliance requirements with capital budgets and resource costs, you must have a complete understanding of your organization’s vulnerability to cyberattack, along with a risk profile to help guide decision making.


The Conexsys Threat Risk Assessment is a comprehensive service that gives your organization a complete understanding of your IT risk profile:  whether for the entire enterprise network, or specific aspects such as an application, device, data type or infrastructure.  The service analyzes your network for the risks associated with loss of data, degradation of performance, or breach of confidentiality.  Our service is based on a comprehensive process and customized criteria, combining elements from best-in-class processes such as NIST, and includes:

  • Asset inventory: a complete audit of your network infrastructure and assets.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: identifies current vulnerabilities and security risks.
  • Risk Impact Assessment: identifies assets and classifies them according to risk profile.
  • Recommendations Report, outlining corrections and improvements to help secure your network in accordance with your required policies or industry standards.


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Key Benefits:

  • Complete risk profile based on exposure to threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Ability to baseline current environment and establish security priorities to protect assets and meet compliance requirements.
  • Ability to prioritize security measure implementations based on ROI, budget, and risk level of known threats.
  • Ability to understand emerging threats and what risk they pose to your organization.


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