For many organizations, web applications are central part of today’s business.  But with easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities, they are also a significant attack target for malicious cyber threats.  To ensure proper security, it’s critical that all Web, cloud and mobile applications are scanned, analyzed and controlled.


With proprietary company and even personal data at risk, it’s also important to ensure that only approved applications can be used by employees. That means setting policies to provide access to approved applications, and blocking unsanctioned applications.


But detailed scanning, analysis and application control can be major challenge, especially with so much of your business conducted over the Internet. Unwieldy tools can put a strain on application performance, degrading customer and employee experience. 


Application Security Solutions from Conexsys provide policies and controls to identify, allow, block or limit web-based applications.

  • Lock down endpoints and systems: stop all file-based and next generation attacks on laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, public and private cloud infrastructures and virtual data centres.
  • Prevent unwanted change with automated approvals and updates that allow only approved software to run, blocking everything else – extending to use of removable USB devices.
  • Achieve continuous compliance with regulatory bodies including PCI, FERC/NERC, the Privacy Act and PHIPA.
  • Consolidate security agents: Achieve improved security efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating traditional antivirus, replacing file integrity monitoring and retiring network-based file detonation services.
  • Low-touch whitelisting automates updates to approved software, trust rating & validity checking. Integrate & automate with partners from 40+ SIEM, network firewall, threat analytics and orchestration vendors, leveraging real-time attack intelligence from a global community.
  • Enterprise ready to support multiple O/S, enhanced RBAC support and global, unified management.


Conexsys begins by performing a full analysis of web applications in use, then deploys an Application Security solution that matches your specific requirements for current and future performance, growth, and security.  Performed by highly skilled networking and security specialists, your solution is deployed using the Conexsys Project Management Methodology; a five-step process for solutions that come in on time and on budget.


  • Ensure all web applications are secure and free of vulnerability.
  • Control user and group application usage according to their needs.
  • Create granular policy definitions to enhance identity awareness capabilities.
  • Address and refine network security, productivity and resource utilization.
  • Reduce load on security administrators with low-touch whitelisting.
  • Achieve improved security efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating outdated and resource-intensive security measures.
  • Arm your business users with a safe way to interact with applications and Web 2.0 widgets, including instant messaging, social networking, video streaming, and VoIP, while addressing your network's bandwidth activity.

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