BYOD is here to stay.  With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, and the blurring of personal versus professional devices, organizations must be prepared to accommodate employee, customer and partner BYOD preferences. 


But BYOD poses real security challenges: 

  • Mobile technologies mean your network is exposed to new threats and risks that cannot be mitigated with traditional security tools.
  • Control of uncontrollable BYOD devices becomes more complicated.
  • Compliance becomes equally complicated and more challenging.


Conexsys BYOD Framework solution helps you create an ecosystem that allows you to identify, analyze and control all BYOD devices on the network, whether known or new. We help you understand your risks and develop the proper policies to protect your users, applications and sensitive data.  To implement a solution that meets your unique needs, we use an integrated suite of services and products:

  • Threat analysis services including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and threat risk assessments.
  • Network Security products for intrusion prevention, Network Access Control (NAC), authentication, threat detection and identity management.
  • Co-managed services where appropriate to support your existing IT staff.


Conexsys begins by performing a full assessment to identify who’s connected to your network and what threats exist on your network, to ensure that security standards and policies address all vulnerabilities. We then deploy a BYOD Framework solution that matches your specific requirements for current and future performance, growth, and security.  Performed by highly skilled networking and security specialists, your solution is deployed using the Conexsys Project Management Methodology; a five-step process for solutions that come in on time and on budget.


  • Real-time visibility and intelligence into devices connecting to your networks, and the risks they may create.
  • Control over all devices connecting: managed and unmanaged, known and unknown, PC and mobile, embedded and virtual.
  • Automated identification, analysis and continuous monitoring of connecting devices.
  • Remediation of at-risk devices, which can include access denial, or redirection to an information page identifying their challenges.

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