Whether it’s Internet access for customers, vendor demos, or to create a secured network for contractors, it’s important to provide a positive experience for guests accessing your network.  But you need to secure your network against any threats that may come with visitors, while streamlining management and control of guest access.

  • You must be able to segment guest traffic from your internal network.
  • You must also be able to securely extend limited internal network access.
  • Guest network provisioning should be cost-effective and should not disrupt network performance for your employees.
  • It should allow access without the need for software or configuration.


The Conexsys Guest Network Security solution allows you to create a flexible guest network environment that meets your security requirements, while giving you the ability to offer network options based on the needs of your guests.  With the Conexsys Guest Network Security solution, you have:

  • Full visibility and continuous monitoring of all guests logging on to your network.
  • The ability to allow, deny or limit network access based on your security policies.
  • Immediate automatic action in response to issues, including remediation, alerting IT staff, and redirecting non-compliant devices to a self-help portal.


Conexsys begins by performing a full Vulnerability Assessment network areas to be accessible by guests, then deploying Guest Network Security solution that matches your specific requirements for current and future performance, growth, and security.  Performed by highly skilled networking and security specialists, your solution is deployed using the Conexsys Project Management Methodology; a five-step process for solutions that come in on time and on budget.


  • Streamlined, secure network access for guests.
  • Continuous monitoring and automatic response reduces manual intervention by IT staff, while providing constant protection.
  • Flexible policy enforcement deals with all non-compliant devices whether they are connected to the network via wired, wireless or VPN connections.

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