The Internet of Things revolves around the idea of connecting everything into one cohesive information ecosystem, enabling data and insights never available before.  Mobile devices, health monitors, smart buildings, network and physical security sensors, machine-to-machine communication, automobiles, drones:  the list of things connecting to the IoT is endless.  For businesses, this can create profound improvements in productivity, competitiveness and even profitability.


But as more machines, devices and sensors connect to the network, IT teams will be tasked with managing assets and attack vectors in increasing numbers, and in areas outside their expertise. This creates a growing, difficult-to-manage security risk.


Conexsys IoT Security solution helps you evaluate and address security issues as your organization integrates IoT into “business as usual.”  Whether you connect a device, server or sensor to a public or private IoT infrastructure, Conexsys will help you create a security infrastructure to analyze, protect and monitor those assets.


We leverage a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to meet your unique IoT security requirement, and address security in all key areas:

  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Security


Conexsys begins by performing a full Vulnerability Assessment of IoT elements, then deploying the IoT Security solution that matches your specific requirements for current and future performance, growth, and security.  Performed by highly skilled networking and security specialists, your solution is deployed using the Conexsys Project Management Methodology; a five-step process for solutions that come in on time and on budget.


Achieve scalable, durable IoT security that allows you to:

  • Grow business value by leveraging the power of Internet of Things.
  • Identify and mitigate security risks before they create havoc.
  • Gain IoT application visibility and consistently enforce security policies.
  • Quickly deploy IoT devices, machines or sensors without system disruption
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for all IoT supported elements.

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