Smartphones and tables provide critical access to business information companies need to work faster and more accurately.  Providing employees with mobile access has many benefits but also exposes your business to risk. Whether it’s from hackers accessing mobile devices through open networks, compromised apps that employees download, or data travelling through the cloud; mobile devices have many points of vulnerability that must be addressed.


The Conexsys Secure Mobility Architecture solution provides a complete mobile security solution that protects devices from threats on the device (OS), in applications and in the network.  It detects, analyzes and stop mobile threats before they start, protecting data that’s at rest on a device or in transit through the cloud.


Conexsys begins by performing a full Vulnerability Assessment of mobile devices, then deploying the Secure Mobility Architecture solution that matches your specific requirements for current and future performance, growth, and security.  Performed by highly skilled networking and security specialists, your solution is deployed using the Conexsys Product Management Methodology; a five-step process for solutions that come in on time and on budget.


  • Capture and analyze security threats of apps before they can be downloaded to devices.
  • Improve visibility and protection through integration with existing mobility and security systems (MDM, MAM, NAC, SIEM, etc.)
  • Protect sensitive information on mobile devices from attacks.
  • Detect, analyze and disable suspicious networks in public places.
  • Improve visibility and protection against the latest mobile threats.
  • Enable rapid response to cross-platform advanced persistent threat attacks.
  • Enable contractors to access corporate data safely from unmanaged devices.
  • Preserve user experience and privacy, while adding the protection required by organizational or regulatory mandates.

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